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Sustainability and design made in Italy

Notebooks, diaries and accessories made to measure since 1924

The story of our family

Since 1926 we have been dedicating ourselves to printing and bookbinding with passion and care. Born as a small family-run business, specialized in the binding of pocket address books, our family has grown over time, enriching the offer of products, materials and printing techniques, but always treasuring its experience and professionalism, that have now been passed down for five generations. We produce notebooks, diaries, calendars and a vast choice of accessories in eco-friendly materials, customizable in every detail to best interpret the corporate identity. Passion and experience are at the very heart of all our productions, from design stage to printing, to offer a high quality product that combines style and sustainability.

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As it happens in an artisan workshop, many of our production steps are still manual, giving our products that uniqueness typical of “handmade”. We pay the utmost attention to detail, because ours is not just a promotional vehicle, but a product meant to be with us in everyday life. An object designed to talk about elegance, sustainability and quality.

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We take any possible action to reduce the environmental impact of our productions. We commit everyday to waste reduction and only use recycled and upcycled materials with a green story to tell. All our raw materials are sustainably sourced and certified.

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