Collezione Renew

An eco-friendly story


Renew is all about sustainability and craft paper-making. We take the waste product from wool, leather and cotton manufacturing processes, often left as fluff on the side of the machine, and after a special treatment, it is recovered.
The whole range is created using eco-friendly fsc certified papers containing wool and cotton wastes. Be seduced by the warm colors of Renew range, for a unique and eco-friendly product.


Renew Wool

Now here’s the thing: the Renew Wool is so hairy that it feels like no other paper.

Renew Cotton

Renew Cotton on the other hand has that crisp laundry look and feel and prints beautifully using all major print techniques.

Renew Leather

Renew is a high-end, eco-friendly, uncoated paper whit a pulpy look which is unexpectedly smooth to the touch. The smooth touch on a bulky surface permits superb printability.

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