Tokio represents the meeting point between the Italian taste and the Japanese perfection. Born from the collaboration between Tokushu Tokai Paper and Favini, two paper factories that have succeeded in combining the ability of imagining an ambitiously aesthetic result with that of morphing it into reality. Destined to luxury packaging and high-quality printing, Tokio is a paper capable of rendering speechless thanks to its embossed texture and 7 colours reminiscent of stone, steel and concrete. These materials bring your mind back to an urban, contemporary atmosphere: design objects, architectonical structures, interior design and jewellery. The entire range is FSC certified, containing 40% post-consumer recycled materials and is produced in compliance with strict environmental standards.


Pearly surfaces, a precious cascade of gold and silver and rich, dazzling colours resonating with magical beauty come into play with Majestic, Favini’s exclusive metallic collection. The offer encompasses the Satins, refined and glossy, glazed surfaces which are all for a contemporary style. Majestic means the thinnest, highest quality papers, fitting to awaken luxury sensations in all printing and packaging options. The whole range is produced in compliance with strict environmental standards.



Add sentiment to your communication with this surprisingly haptic material. Papers and cardboards coated on either one or both sides with a smooth and deeply matt surface encourage you to explore with you own hands without fear of leaving prints. Reproducing a delicate leather-like design and seducing with its soft touch feeling and a matt finish in 5 elegant shades. The Tube supports most printing techniques, and is ideal for serigraphy and hot foil print. Excellent to add value to high-quality printing artwork and luxury packaging.


Discreet and tactile, Lunar consists of 2 amazing micro-embossed textures in 7 delicate shades inspired by silvery reflected moon rays on a deep shaded background and intense black tonalities. The extremely thin lines and structures encourage reading with your own hands, allowing a multisensorial experience and adding a third dimension to each printing and luxury packaging. The whole range is FSC certified and produced in compliance with strict environmental standards.


High-quality papers and cardboards, felt-clad on both sides and colourful. Obtained with 55% pure eco-friendly FSC certified cellulose, 40% recycled fibres and 5% cotton fibres.



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