Sustainability and design


Our collections arise from the combination of sustainability and design and rely on a constant research for innovative, functional and sustainable solutions. We are always looking for new eco-friendly raw materials, to promote re-use of commonly wasted matter, thus reducing waste.

Erba Collection

The brand new eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable collection using dried grass fibers as main raw material for a highly natural feel.
The intense smell, the granular texture and the typical color of the grass paper give ERBA a special appeal and a strong sustainable identity.
Pure FSC cellulose and dried grass fibers are mixed to generate this innovative paper, which comes from nature and goes back to it after being used, thanks to its certified recyclability.

Renew Cotton, Wool & Leather

The whole range is created using
eco-friendly fsc certified papers containing wool and cotton wastes.
Be seduced by the warm colors of Renew range, for a unique and eco-friendly product.

Regenerated Leather

Regenerated leather used in our Retime collections is an eco-friendly material derived from 100% recycled leather fibers. It is extremely flexible and soft, with a very nice feel, available in a wide choice of colours and textures.

Papers with a story to tell

Papers and cardboards containing post-consumer recycled waste: by-products from coffee, almonds, hazelnuts, olives, kiwi, corn, citrus fruit, lavender, cherry, wool, cotton leather and much more. Besides, the papers are FSC certified, produced with 100% green energy and are GMO free.

Recycled and textured cardboards

Papers and cardboards 100% recycled and FSC certified, available in a choice of vibrant colours. Their rough and irregular surfaces evoke the recycling process they derive from.

Go Grey cardboards

The GO GREY collection features covers in raw grey FSC cardboards with smooth sturdy surfaces.


Cloths and natural fabrics can be used as coating materials for notebooks and diaries covers, giving the product a very natural and original look thanks to the wide choice of colors and textures.

FSC papers

All our products contain FSC papers coming from responsibly managed forests, ensuring the respect of environmental, social and economic standards.

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