Modimò is an innovative ad extremely versatile notebook for everyday planning. Its soft and flexible refillable cover is made of regenerated leather derived from 100% recycled leather fibers.
The cover contains 2 separate refillable journals that you can easily remove and replace anytime you need, by simply slipping them under the elastic band holding them together.
Two sizes available: 13 x 21cm and 10 x 15cm.

Modimò Basic

Modimò Basic has a smooth and soft regenerated leather cover. Available in a choice of bright colours, the nice feel of the cover and its extreme flexibility make it very handy. Customize it and use it for your everyday planning routine.

Modimò Top

Modimò Top has a grainy textured regenerated leather cover called “Bourbon”, making it even more exclusive and elegant. Available in 6 trendy colours (orange, light green, blue, brown, black and beige), Modimò Top offers 2 useful pockets to keep documents, loose sheets or anything you don’t want to lose.

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Made in Italy. Unique design.

Modimò stands out thanks to its original design. The elastic band holding the journals together create a unique design on the spine of the book you will immediately recognize. Modimò is a registered trademark and design.

Modimò: sustainable product 2019 recommended by PSI

Modimò was recommended by PSI commission as sustainable product 2019 during the prestigious Psi Sustainability Awards ceremony in September 2019. This well-known competition takes place every year to celebrate and reward the commitment to sustainability of all companies attending, all of them standing out for their environmental, social and economic excellence. Being recommended as sustainable product 2019 marks an important footprint in the story of Modimò.

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Mix and match the 10 journals available according to your needs: White, Ivory, Diary, Week, MyPlan, Books, Travel, Food, Colours, Lines . You can quickly change the journals by slipping them under the elastic band holding them together.
Two available sizes: 13×21 and 10×15 cm.
The inner paper is FSC certified and you may choose white or ivory.

Discover Modimò collection and all the available refillable journals

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